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First of all, I must warn you about something – this method can backfire! Although it can often be used to tell how your ex feels about you and whether she’s still attached to you, I’ve heard of dramatic cases where liquids were splashed in the man’s face for such familiarity. If you’re not afraid to run the risk and desperately want to know whether your ex still cares, then read on!
This method is based on psychology and requires you to already have some contact with your ex. In short, when you’re in a relationship with someone, you tend to let them enter your so-called “personal space” to do things that couples do for each other. It could be straightening the man’s tie or brush a fleck of dust off her shoulder – however, all of these things are actually deeply intimate and require a degree of comfort. Let’s face it – you wouldn’t feel right if a random stranger came up to you and adjusted your tie, would you?
This forms the basis of this test. Next time you’re together with your ex, reach out and do one of the things described above, then observe her reaction. If she attempts to move away or looks genuinely uncomfortable, then you know that she doesn’t feel as comfortable with you around.
However, if she smiles gratefully and doesn’t seem to mind such personal contact, then it sends a clear signal that, in her mind, she’s just as comfortable with you entering her personal space as when you still were in a relationship. In other words, this means that she still sees you as a potential boyfriend, rather than a friend or a stranger.

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