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Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back

Sometimes, we would like to think that the ex is interested in getting back to us. The reason why you may think that way is that your ex may be paying a little bit more attention to you than he or she ever did shortly after the breakup. Maybe your ex is finding ways to spend more time hanging out with you or is showing signs that he or she still cares for you.

If your ex is displaying these signs in his or her actions towards you, it is only normal for you to believe that he or she is interested in you again. If you still love your ex, it is only normal to feel some semblance of hope that the two of you may be able to start over and be happy again.

The thing is, you should wait for the signs to turn into more concrete actions before you let go and open your heart to your ex once more. If it turns out that you were wrong in thinking that your ex wants you back, you could get yourself in a world of heartache that is more painful than what you felt during that time that the two of you broke up in the first place.

There are a number of reasons why your ex may be acting like he or she still cares for you. Some of these reasons could be the following:

1. Everyone likes a challenge. Maybe your ex is feeling a wee bit egotistic. Maybe you have been avoiding your ex and your ex thinks that you are doing it because you are still in love with him or her. The idea of the conquest is always challenging to some people, and your ex may only be acting on the challenge to conquer you again without any real intention of keeping you.

2. Your ex may be missing the memories. If you and your ex have been together for more than a year and you have had some great moments together, it could be that your ex is just longing for the good old times back and is just regretting that those moments will not happen again. Your ex may miss the good times, but that does not mean that he or she misses you.

3. Your ex is an attention whore. Maybe you created an entirely new life for yourself that is so much better than what you had when you were still with your ex, and your mutual friends could not stop talking about it. It could be that your ex is just feeling left out and wants to be part of the spotlight. It does not automatically translate to your ex wanting to share that spotlight with you.

4. Revenge. Did you do something to hurt your ex badly? If your ex is showing signs of wanting you back, it may be that his or her intention is to wrap you around his or her little finger. Once your ex accomplishes that, he or she may dump you again as a way of retaliating to what he or she thinks you may have done.

There are many different reasons why your ex may seem to want to start a relationship with you again. But you have to protect yourself and lock your feelings in until your ex has expressed without any room for doubt that what he or she wants is you back in his or her life.

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Rank #1: Magic Of Making Up - Highly Recommended

Released in spring of 2008, this resource caught our attention for its creative approach to saving troubled relationships.  The author, T.W. Jackson, does not claim to be a professional therapist, but he definitely has some great insights on why relationships fail and how to fix them.  Reading through his book you are sure to experience a few “light bulb moments” where you think of ways to connect his ideas to your own situation.

One of the things we like most about this book is the way it reads.  It feels like you are having a cup of coffee with T.W. as he explains the ins and outs of love and relationships.  Instead of using a textbook approach with big words and no emotion, The Magic of Making Up is more like a mentoring session.  Picture it as sitting down for dinner with your own personal relationship coach.

The Strategy
The first part of this book covers the important parts of a successful relationship.  The difference between what men and women need to feel wanted, and what makes them ultimately give up on their partner.  The focus then changes to your unique circumstance and how to identify exactly why your ex left you.

The heart of T.W.’s book is his strategies for rebuilding the attraction and romance with your ex.  There are several psychological tactics he shares to get your ex to start thinking about you again.  Some involve the way you communicate with them, while others are designed to give you the confidence you need to succeed.

The full plan takes you through the entire of process of getting back together.  From calling them for the first time, to dating again, and all the ways to keep things moving in the right direction.  One of the best chapters covers everything you need to know about your first date back together.  You learn how to ask them out, what to talk about, and how to make a lasting impression.

This is a great resource for those who want to get back with their ex, but have no idea where to start.  In order to fix a break up you need to gain a mental advantage over your ex.  Not because you want to trick them into loving you, but because you need to get past the negative associations they have about your relationship.  The Magic of Making Up will help you clear these hurdles and T.W.’s lessons on the needs of men and women will keep you from making the same mistakes in the future.

Sensitivity: 5/5                    
Honesty: 5/5                      
Approach: 5/5    
Cost: 5/5               
Our Rating: 4.8/5            
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Rank #2: Ex Girlfriend Guru

This author has an altogether different approach to the situation. This product is primarily directed at women who have lost their relationship with their girlfriend. The SENSITIVITY of this product seems to be one sided.

I have to downgrade this product a bit due to the underhanded approach offered by this author. If you value HONESTY in an individual, then this product has missed the mark slightly.

If you are comfortable with and APPROACH that offers deception as a tool, then you will appreciate this product. The design to undermind the individuals to get them back can be a very successful approach.

The COST of this product is very reasonable and well withn anyones budget. It may be worth a look. Again, if you are looking for a different type of approach, check it out.

Sensitivity: 4/5                    
Honesty: 3/5                      
Approach: 4/5    
Cost: 4/5               
Our Rating: 4/5            
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Rank #3: 50

The SENSITIVITY of this product lacks the focus of the one on one contact that the other two reviews do. This individual seems to be using this site to promote his next book.

I have to say there is HONESTY in the intent of this author. I found it to be more preventive than what to do now that the relationship has hit a rocky moment.

The APPROACH and COST of this book are both acceptable, however, the approach is formed after those individuals that have been together for quite some time.

Sensitivity: 3/5                    
Honesty: 4/5                      
Approach: 3/5    
Cost: 4/5               
Our Rating: 3.5/5            
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