Has your guy just dumped you? It really hurts doesn’t it? Well, here’s how to win ex boyfriend back in 7 easy steps.

1. Do you really want him back? Okay, this may seem like an odd step to go through, but it is really important. Your boyfriend may seem indispensible, but you will be able to move on without him. If he’s someone worth keeping, read on. But if he’s just “any old guy” don’t hang on for the sake of hanging on. As the old saying goes, “there are other fish in the sea.”

2. Think about why you broke up. Think carefully about what he said when he dumped you. Also think back to the things he said to you in the days right before you broke up. He may have indicated that you were too clingy or that you had let yourself go. If he wants you to change, you have to decide whether you want to be the girlfriend he wants to have.

3. Don’t bug him. Sometimes, girls think that they should call or text their ex a bunch of times hoping that showing how much they love their guy will get him back. Instead, you should give him some space. This will let both of you evaluate the relationship. If you are in school together, you don’t need to go out of your way to avoid him, but don’t chase him down either.

4. Don’t manipulate him. You may be tempted to flirt with his friends, for instance, in an attempt to make him jealous. More likely, it will just make him annoyed and put him off you. He may even think you are acting slutty. So, stay away from doing manipulative actions.

5. Play hard to get. Don’t let him think that he can wiggle his little finger and you will come rushing to his side. Let him squirm a little bit. Remember guys like the chase.

6. Don’t send friends as emissaries. It’s common for girls to send their girlfriends to “feel out” your ex. But this just annoys guys. If you are going to communicate something to him, do it yourself. Don’t put him in the awkward position of having to explain his feelings to your friends.

7. Don’t get worried about a new girlfriend. It’s probably just a rebound relationship. It is not uncommon for a guy to hook up with a new girl right after he has broken up with you. But these rebound relationships rarely last. It is very possible that he will come back to you after he has some time to work things out. In the meantime, become everything he wants in a girl. Get gorgeous. Be friendly. Be happy. These things will pry him away from the good time girl and back into your arms.

Many girls don’t know how to win ex boyfriend back. They do it all wrong and end up pushing him away instead. When you follow the seven steps in this article, you will be able to come out a winner in the game of love.

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