It's happened, you've said or done something that has gotten your significant other to the point that they can no longer stand the sight of you and you're freaking out trying to figure out how you can stop your breakup before it happens. Often, if the relationship has gotten to this point the only real way to get it back on track is time.

However, there are some things that can be done depending on the stage the relationship has fallen to. They are by no means surefire relationship savers, but they will help keep things in a positive frame and if you do stop your breakup they will help build a solid foundation for the future of the relationship.

Stop Your Breakup Tip #1

Do not run to that special person in your life begging, pleading or crying. This tactic may have worked in the past or in past relationships but it is no way to rebuild your relationship and get it standing on solid ground. The only thing this will accomplish is to ensure that you are seen as somebody who is selfish and only worried about your own needs. In addition to that, it's irritating.

Instead of going down this path, get to work on figuring out some of the shortcomings you have that may have led to what is happening now. This isn't to say that you're the reason your relationship may be breaking up; it takes two for it to get the far. What this is to say, that if you take the steps to improve yourself you will be showing your partner that you are dedicated to bringing about positive changes in your life.

Stop Your Breakup Tip #2

Give them some space and time. Now that you've decided you're going to get to work on yourself, you need to give your significant other the opportunity to do the same. Similar to begging and pleading, keeping on their case about the relationship will turn them off and give them the feeling that you are nothing but selfish. Nobody wants to be with somebody like that.

Another important result of giving them some space is that it gives them some time to wrap their brain around the situation in a way that is most comfortable to them. If they come to you then by all means carry on a discussion about the relationship but wait until they come to you and don't beg.

During the space and time process you will also be building on one of the most important basics of a relationship, trust. You will be showing your partner that you trust in their reasoning abilities and that you trust in their ability to come to a rational conclusion. The rebuilding of trust can go a long way to putting a stop to your breakup.

Stop Your Breakup Tip #3

Plan something nice but not overly romantic for them. You need to start doing things that got your relationship to the point it was at before it started heading for trouble. Whether be a night at the movies or a simple dinner at your favorite restaurant, just make sure it is something in a pleasant atmosphere without the intonations of being completely relationship based.

If you go overboard with the romance on your first time out after the big fight, you could run the risk of adding undue pressure to your partner when they are not ready for it. This, again, points to selfishness, which we have already determined goes against what your goals are.

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