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It's easy to fall into routines and habits in relationships where we all end up taking what we have for granted. We simply expect the other person to be there until one day the relationship comes crumbling down around you. Fortunately learning how to win love back is easier than most people believe.

The problem with most 'how to win love back' tactics is that they don't take into consideration the primary differences between the way men and women think. Women will try very hard to make their man understand how much they love him and need him, while men view actions as speaking louder than any words you can say.

If you're serious about learning how to win love back, then you'll need to spend a bit of time removing the words from your relationship's memories and taking a look at what your actions were saying.

Most women can think of times when they were trying hard to tell their man that they love him and want him to stay. You know the words you said, but what did your actions say? To a man, you would have been showing him how upset you were and how hurt you were. In his mind, he would have been thinking that he's the cause of all your misery, so you'd be better off if he just broke up with you.  This means all your reassurances of how much you love him actually pushed him away!

Think about all the times where you both argued and got angry. Your words might have been trying to make him see reason and understand your point of view, but your actions were telling him something very different.

Your man wouldn't have heard the words you shouted at him. He would only have seen a very unhappy woman who really wasn't happy with the man before her. His mind would instantly have thought he was the cause of your misery and he's believe it's easier to break up with you rather than keep making you so unhappy. The same thing is true if you give him the silent treatment.

When you're learning how to win love back, you have to realize that your actions will speak far louder than any words you can say. Your partner wants you to be happy. He also wants to believe you're happy when you're spending time with him. The best possible way to show him that he's the right man for you is to go out and work on your own self-confidence levels.

When you feel happy within yourself and you're confident and brimming with life, you're irresistible to the man who fell in love with you. After all, when the relationship was still new and exciting, you were both bubbly and happy and pleased to spend time with each other. This is the version of you your partner fell in love with.

Spend some time working on things that make you happy. Hang out with friends or take a walk to clear your unhappy thoughts. Watch a fun movie and then suggest that you catch up with your man over a friendly cup of coffee. Your actions will show that you're a more pleasant person to be with and his feelings will start to re-kindle as though by magic.

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