If you have ever gone through a tough breakup, you probably found yourself wishing that none of the problems leading up to the breakup had ever happened and the perfect relationship you once had could have gone on forever. Unfortunately, that's wishful thinking. Thinking about what you wish things had been won't get you anywhere in fixing the problem. The best way to go about getting back with an ex is to move forward and be practical.

Getting back your ex can be tricky. It takes the knowledge of knowing how to go about it correctly. A wrong move could risk losing the ex forever.

The biggest tip to get back with an ex is to accept that it happened and take some time apart. You want to keep your distance so that your ex will begin to realize what he lost. By not having you and feeling that you no longer need him, he will begin to crave what he can't have. He will start to kick himself for letting go of the best thing to come into his life. By letting him miss you and see the confidence with which you have moved on, you stand a good chance of winning him back.

For this tip to be effective you must not call, text or accept a visit. No matter how innocent, you must not have contact with him in the beginning. As time goes by and you see him becoming more desperate by the day, you can gradually open up and allow him back in to your life a little at a time.

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